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Algae Coverage on WVEC TV News

posted Aug 31, 2012, 9:46 AM by Brad Rudacille

There is a significant algae bloom in Lake Smith adjacent Haygood Point occurring this year. Even the 30+ year residents have never seen algae this thick and widespread in the lake. Today, WVEC TV News did a story about this event. The reporter interviewed George Craig, one of our civic league directors, and Elizabeth Starr. Both are residents along Harris Point Dr where the algae bloom is particularly bad. Elizabeth has spearheaded the efforts to identify the source of the algae bloom, and to find a solution. The committee of waterfront homeowners she formed is actively encouraging the Norfolk reservoir manager to take the needed action to remove the algae.

You can view the TV news story at the following link:

Please note the warning about the use of fertilizer which can promote the algae growth in the waterways. Any excess fertilizer on your lawn or garden – from anywhere in our neighborhood - will eventually be carried into the lake in the rain runoff. Never over-fertilize and better yet, use a fertilizer that has no phosphorous. Perhaps one of our lawn care companies in the neighborhood could recommend a brand of lawn fertilizer that is safe to use around lakes.