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Celebrating Halloween on a budget

How can you celebrate Halloween on a budget? What sort of films would make a great Halloween party? How about Halloween themed collectibles? Here Andrew Hawnt takes a look at having a creepy night without breaking the bank.
It isn't just kids that can celebrate Halloween. Taking it as the commercial version of Halloween and not the religious festival observed by the pagan community (Samhain, pronounced 'Sow-en' or 'Savven' depending on who you talk to), Halloween can be a blast for kids and adults, and can serve as a bonding experience for families. Involving children in Halloween styled games can be a great way to entertain youngsters and educate them on traditional pastimes (even when their origins have become so obscured by popular culture). Dressing up, getting made up as witches and monsters and the like can be fantastic fun for all involved, and properly supervised Trick-Or-Treating is a great thing for making memories.Halloween is almost upon us once again, and the proliferation of celebratory items available in mainstream stores got me thinking- why isn't Halloween made into even more of an event? Like a spooky Christmas. Think about it- you could have jolly old Satan Claws come and fill your stocking with entrails, surround your Halloween tree with sweets and rotting carcasses, and then you could all sit down to a Halloween dinner of roast pumpkin and Innocent Bystander pie. Or something similar. seriously though, it could be turned into more than just Trick Or Treating and bobbing for apples. Plus, there's more out there than just toffee apples to give out as Halloween gifts.

Another good method for making a Halloween party night memorable for children would be to gather a group together for a mini Halloween party before going Trick-or-treating. read them a spooky story from the proliferation of kid's horror series that are on the market, or show a suitable movie.

But Halloween isn't limited to the domain of kids, and nor should it be. With all manner of themed events on in clubs, cinemas and so on there's a ton that the adult Halloweener can sink their teeth into (sorry). There's a great deal of Halloween themed merchandise that would make great gifts for loved ones, such as licensed horror movie memorabilia and other horror merchandise such as action figures, posters, statues, and the movies themselves. You could check out things like the ever-creepy Living Dead Dolls figures, or the movie collectibles created by MacFarlane Toys, NECA and Sideshow Collectibles.

Want a great Halloween evening in? How about you gather a selection of friends, some suitably kitsch horror movies (Go for the cheese more than the hardcore dark stuff- zombie films, cheap B-movies, Chucky, Underworld, A Nightmare on Elm Street, Friday the 13th and its billion sequels, films you can shout at), Halloween snacks (stock up on kids snacks and themed sweets- there's nobody saying the grown-ups can't have some fun too), add some suitably camp music (I recommend 'Project 1950' and 'American Psycho' by the Misfits, and anything by the Cramps) and voila, you have the makings of a fun Halloween party in your own home. Granted, that sounds like a pretty regular night in at our house, but still, there are people out there who are more normal. Somewhere. I think. get your place decked out with cobwebs and skulls and make an event out of it.

When choosing movies for your Halloween night, I'd suggest finding a bunch of 80s horror titles, as they really do capture the right fun atmosphere you'd need for an evening making fun of everything with your friends. Why 80s? Listen. While some may argue we are enjoying something of a resurgence in 'true' horror movies, with your million SAW sequels and million remakes of classics, I am left wondering what happened to the horror films that would have you yelling 'COOL!' amidst your screams. The 1980s are a fine example of an era in which horror films had all the horror stuff down pretty well yet mixed in a liberal dose of humour and fun without becoming parodies. While the horror genre has become either more serious or more bland in recent years (or both), with endless repetitions of the same tired old themes, old gorehounds like myself are left wanting something that isn't being delivered of late, namely films that you want to watch again.

You see, a major problem with current horror cinema is that companies are making PRODUCT instead of FILMS. You can go into any DVD outlet and find rack upon rack of Wrong Turn/Scream/Hostel/Halloween knockoffs that are cheap and easy to make, and there's barely a memorable title amongst them.

I'm not just craving the old days though- contemporary horror is missing something. Look at the 80s. Evil Dead 2. Fright Night. The Lost Boys. Pumpkinhead. Elm Street. Hellraiser. Vamp. Return of the Living Dead. Hell, even Rawhead Rex was better than much of the current output masquerading as horror. All of these horror movies had their scares and their gore, but there was a definite fun quality to each of them. They hit their beats so well you could almost pick out the rhythm. I'd love to see a return to that sort of structuring. Many recent films and their subsequent franchises don't seem to want to do anything new with the format they are beating like a particularly dead horse.

Want a fun evening's viewing? Check out any of the following horror flicks for some entertainment with your gore:

Creepshow, Day of the Dead, Trick or Treat, Poltergeist, The Evil Dead, Friday the 13th, An American Werewolf in London, Bad Dreams, Hellraiser, Evil Dead 2, Return of the Living Dead 2: Hellraiser II, A Nightmare on Elm street, Re-animator, Scanners, The Burning, Class of Nuke 'Em High (okay, this is a spoof but it still kicks ass), From Beyond, House, 976:Evil, Witchboard, Warlock, The Thing, Bad Taste, Cat People, Child's Play, Cat's Eye, Chopping Mall (BEST. TITLE. EVER), Dead Zone, The Gate, The Hunger, Killer Klowns From Outer Space, Monster Squad, Society, Sorority babes in the Slime-ball Bowl-O-Rama..... Jeez, there's thousands of 'em. Go seek out some fun.

There are so many ways to make your Halloween a fun night to remember. Kick off with a movie night as suggested, then go along to a Halloween themed party or show. Preferably in costume. Check local listings for events in your area that you can go along to and take part in. If all this sounds like a no-brainer, that's because it is. With a small amount of effort you can change what has become a relentlessly commercial day into something you can genuinely enjoy without a huge amount of cost. Halloween celebrations shouldn't be all about handing out sweets to bored kids on your doorstep- it should be enjoyed and relished. I mean, how often can you actually run around with a plastic trident and horns on during the rest of the year? ActuallyFree Reprint Articles, don't answer that.

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Perks of Quality Landscape Curbing

Instead of going with plastic or metal landscape edging, many homeowners are now turning to concrete landscape curbing instead. And there is a good reason why quality concrete curbing for lawns and gardens is making a comeback at homes in the United States and around the world. Not only does concrete have the durability that ensures the long term appearance of your yard, it is a much more attractive solution for the short term as well. Many people wonder about what is landscape curbing, and here is a guide.

What is Landscape Curbing?

Simply stated, curbing outlines areas in a landscape design. The clean edges define and separate lawns from garden beds, driveways and patios. With concrete curbing, you are receiving a permanent edging solution that is both attractive and affordable. It is also a very versatile solution, which means you can change around the setup and contents of your yard without worrying about whether the curbing is going to match the new style. We can further assess some of the benefits associated with using curbing to improve the appearance of your landscape and why it has become so popular.

Curbing Benefits

Thanks to new installation methods, the process is very quick and leaves almost no mess. Everything is done automatically and it presents a permanent solution. You will not have to worry about maintaining or touching up edges. Even if you live at the same house for ten or twenty years, the edging is going to withstand the test of time.

Another reason to go with this method is because of how you can avoid trimming and weeding all the time. It also saves you money, because you will preserve those bedding materials. And since the edging also prevents erosion and helps with irrigation, it is ideal for those who want that perfect expanse of green lawn or tidy beds of flowers or shrubs.

It is the ideal barrier for invasive roots and provides a perfect border for your grass, patio or driveway area. If you feel as though your yard has some potential but lacks structure and defined boundaries, adding curbing to your landscape design is the perfect solution. Everything is elevated, both in terms of growth and stability, but also in terms of how the yard looks.

Concrete vs. Other Options 

The main challenge is to decide whether you want to go with concrete or stick with plastic or metal. Even though metal and plastic were more popular in the past, concrete is now the main option – and with good reason.

Concrete will not rust, rot, break or shift. It remains vibrant in its appearance and strong in its foundation. It will survive in any type of climate, which means it is the perfect solution no matter where you live. If you wish to have landscape curbing done to your front or back yard, simply contact a curbing or lawn company in your area. They will talk you through the processHealth Fitness Articles, and they can even show you a few pictures of how the yard will look with the curbing set up.

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